How To Watch IIHF World Juniors 2025 Live Online

As one of the most popular hockey tournaments in the world, the 49th edition of the IIHF World junior 2025 is set to begin on December 26, 2024 and end on January 5, 2025.

IIHF announced that Canada will host the World junior, and Venue is’t set confirmed.

IIHF World Juniors 2025

Event IIHF World Juniors 2025
Host City Canada, Venue is’t confirmed.
Dates December 26, 2024 – January 5, 2025
Teams 10
Live Stream

How To Watch IIHF World Juniors 2025 Live Online

While the world junior championship 2024 is over, 2025 will soon be here with us. So how can you watch this match online? The best option to watch the games online is in the house. Since there are several live stream channels, you can choose one according to your liking and budget.

IIHF World Juniors live will be available on TSN Network in Canada and the NHL Network in the USA via and the NHLN app. Read More Live Stream Details Here…

IIHF World Juniors 2025 Official Broadcast

NHL Network: If you are in the US, NHL Network is the place to be for the world juniors championships. Since it will air every game, you can comfortably watch the tournament from home. As the main TV channel for the tournament, it will provide you with exclusive coverage of all the USA games. It will also provide analysis, highlights, and interviews.

TSN Go (Canada): With all the Canadian games expected to be played at Edmonton’s Rogers place, Canadian fans have an opportunity to watch all the games. If you are in Canada you can watch all the live streams of the games online at TSN Go. To watch the games, just need to visit TSN Go and then subscribe. Once you sign up with your details, you have the flexibility of choosing a prepaid plan for the sporting action.

IIHF World Juniors Live Online Without Cable

  • Fubo Tv: Whether you want to watch the championships without a cable or looking for a simple streaming service, Fubo TV is the right channel. As one of the best TV channels, it’s been providing streaming services for years.  You just need to subscribe to the starter pack and get tons of entertainment and online news alongside the world junior sports.
  • Sling TV: Sling TV is probably one of the cheapest streaming services for the world junior championships. For several years now, it’s been providing streaming services with a basic package that starts at $25. With the basic package, you’ll get up to 30 plus channels of high-quality definition videos. You can also choose other plans where the package is low.
  • At&t Tv: As compared to other TV channels, At&t Tv will provide you with a free trial for 7 days. Although it’s a very good cable TV it’s a little bit expensive as compared to others. To watch the games you must, subscribe with $94.99.

IIHF World Juniors 2025 Live Stream Free

Fubotv have NHL Network & TSN in Canada access, Create a trial account and enter your zip code to ensure you get access to NHL Network & TSN channels (for Canada) in your area & start free World Juniors live stream.

IIHF 2025 World juniors Teams

  • United States: USA was represented by the United States Men’s National Junior IC Hockey Team. As compared to other teams they have previously won up to 5 world junior championships. This includes 2004, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2021. Some of the players who participated in the team include John Carlson, Austin Matthews, Patrick Kane, Adam Fox, and Matthew Tkachuk Jack Eichel, Zach Parise, and Adam Fox.
  • Canada: As one of the best teams in the world, The Canadian men’s national under-20 ice hockey team has represented Canada since they started playing. Apart from the world junior, they participated in games such as the 2007 Super Series and the Summit Series. Being the most popular event in the country it’s not only fully sold out but the division ratings are also very high.
  • Finland: The national under 20 hockey team in Finland is known as The Finnish men’s national under 20 ice hockey team. Just like other countries, this team has represented the country in these games since they started playing in 1974. Although they lost many games, they’ve won others.
  • (Suspended) Russia: Russia was represented in the tournament by the Russian men’s national less than 20 ice hockey team. This team has represented Russia since they started participating in the tournament. During the 1993 world championships, Russia participated as an independent nation. They also won Bronze as their first medal in the championship in 1994 and silver in 1997. Their biggest rivalry is the Czech Republic which they met for the first time in 1997.
  • Latvia (replacing Russia in August tournament)
    Germany: German national junior hockey team is known as The German men’s national under 20 ice hockey team. Apart from the world junior championship, the team has also represented German in a number of Games. Just like other teams, they have won and lost some matches.
  • Sweden: Commonly known as Juniorkronorna in Sweden, The Swedish men’s national under 20 ice hockey team is the country’s national team. Previously, it has represented Sweden at the International Tournament. Affectionately known as the junior crowns, the team has really worked hard to represent the country. During the 1981 world junior championship, they won gold. Some of the players who participated in this match include Jan Erixon, Patrik and Peter Sundström, Håkan Nordin and Lars Eriksson, and Håkan Nordin.
  • Czech Republic: The national under 20 IC hockey team in the Czech Republic is the Czech men’s national under 20 ice hockey team. This team has represented the country since 1984. As one of the strongest teams in the tournament, it has won a couple of gold and bronze medals.
  • Slovakia: Slovakia’s national under 20 IC team is The Slovak men’s national under 20 ice hockey team. This team has been representing the country at the internal hockey federation since they started participating. As compared to the men who made their debut in 1994, the women and the junior teams started playing in 1995 and 1993 respectively.
  • Austria: Austria’s national under 20 IC hockey team is The Austrian men’s national under 20 ice hockey team. Unlike other countries, they made their first pool A appearance in 1981. This is after spending several years competing in pool A and B. In 2000, they defeated Slovenia 6-2 to move out of pool c. unfortunately, they have relegated back to Division I for 2005.
  • Switzerland: Controlled and managed by Schweizerischer Eishockeyverband, Switzerland’s national team is Switzerland’s men’s national under 20 ice hockey team. After making their debut in 1977, they’ve been playing since then. During this time, they lost to the Soviet Union. Although they won in 1979 match, they suffered their worst defeat in 1980 after being beaten by Finland.

World juniors 2025 Group

Canada USA
Czech Republic Finland
Sweden Switzerland
Germany Slovakia
Austria Latvia

Final Words

The World Junior Championships is scheduled to start on DEC 26, 2024 and will end with the gold game being played on January 05, 2025. This game will be hosted by Canada. The question that’s in everyone’s mind is who will emerge the winner? Is it the USA, Canada, or another team? Let’s wait and see.


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