Finland’s Heavy Metal WJC Inspiration

Bronze is not the kind of award that Finland initially hoped to win at the 2021 IIHF World junior championship. However, it is always better to come home with something than nothing. Coach Antti Penname used music to motivate his players in Edmonton. Encouraging players after losing the semi-finals with a score of 4-3 was not an easy task. Pennanen being the first time junior coach to capture Gold, asked his staff to organize a tournament highlight reel to pump up his players. Coach Pennanen and singer-guitarist Alexi Laiho, 41, were the cofounders of children of Bodom’s “Are you dead yet?” The band originated in 1993 in Espoo, the homeland of the Finnish national team. On 29th December 2005, singer-guitarist Alexi Laiho, 41, passed away, and fans worldwide were morning his death.

Pennanen played his music videos for Finland’s team before facing coach Igor Larionov’s talented Russian players at a match held at Rogers Place. Peananen motivated the Finland team by telling them, “This team still has a chance to make history; let’s take advantage of it.” The words of Coach Pennanen with the Finnish musical icon’s intense emotion led to the team’s outstanding performance. The Finns managed to beat the Russians 4-1, with Lundell scoring twice and Piironein making twenty-eight saves.

Lehtinen is a famous stylist mostly known for his stunning outfits like Amorphis and slayer designed world-rocking uniforms for the Finland players. In 2006, Finland played with Canada, and they won with a score of 5-0 at the world’s Riga. The win, which is the most memorable moment since it made them the first Eurovision winners. Finland is ranked as the country with the most football awards, with Sweden and Norway in second place. The U20 Finns are looking forward to getting the gold medal at the 2022 World Juniors tournament, which will be held in Edmonton.

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