IIHF’s Top 10 Goals of the 2021 World Juniors

Despite the absence of fans during The 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship, indelible memories topped with impressive goals were scored by U20 stars. The moments are numerous, making it hard to decide where to start or stop. Today though, let us look back at the top 10 goals of the championship.

01. Alex Turcotte USA 1 vs. Canada 0

This goal was be termed as the top goal of the 2021 World Juniors. Alex Turcotte scored against Devon Levi at 13:25 of the final.

2. Tim Stutzle; GER 2 vs Slovakia 2

Stutzle scored against Slovak goalie Simon Latkoczy’s. The unforeseen goal was shot off Simon’s shoulder and luckily bounced in off defenseman Becar.

3. Vasili Ponomaryov RUS 1 vs. Germany 0

In the first period of quarter-final game 1, Russia over Germany with a flawless 1-0. The score was a short-handed goal from Vasili Ponomaryov.

4. Filip Koffer CZE 1 vs Russia 0

For a minute, the Czechs were under intense pressure from Russia. However, Rychlovsky made off with the puck while Filip Koffer got the opportunity to get his first score of the 2021 World Juniors championship.

5. Tim Stutzle GER 2 vs Switzerzland 0

The fifth goal on the list is a critical 5-4 win over the Swiss scored by Tim Stutzle. The 18-year-old is well known for leading short-staffed Germans to their first-ever quarter-final

6. Lucas Raymond SWE 1 vs. Finland 0

Lucas Raymond scored against goalie Kari Piiroinem. His high-end skills were evident on this one. He faked a cross-ice pass before beating Kari high to the short side.

7. Kasper Simontaival FIN 1 vs USA 1

Kasper Simontaival scored two beautiful goals against the Americans in the semi-finals. Getting into the slot, waiting for a feed, then firing the puck past America’s Spencer knight was his simple yet effective way of scoring.

8. Elmer Soderblom SWE 5 vs. the Czech Republic 1

A 108 kg and 202 cm Elmer Soderblom scored with his stick sandwiched in his legs. Unpredicted right? His goal, however, made it to the highlight reel.

9. Dylan Cozens CAN 1 vs. Czech Republic 0

At 8:22, Canada’s Dylan Cozen scored the first goal over the Czech Republic against goalie Nick Malik.

10. Arthur Kaliyev USA 1 vs. Slovakia 0

And lastly, a power-play goal was scored by American winger Arthur Kaliyev. He opened the scoring with a one-timer in the win over Slovakia.


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